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Nicholas Bass

2020 Master of Engineering in AMD

Nicholas Bass is a senior additive manufacturing engineer at Cumberland Additive, a printing service bureau. He has more than 10 years of experience in advanced manufacturing, with four years in powder bed fusion technologies, including metal and polymer. Currently, he's focused on the industrialization of additive manufacturing technologies. He works directly with customers at all stages of manufacturing, from part selection and design to serial production. He is onsite with 16 industrial laser and electron beam printers running projects for a number of sectors, including space, energy, and aerospace.

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Priyesh Mehta

2019 Master of Science in AMD

Priyesh is the metal additive manufacturing and design specialist at Imaginarium, India’s largest additive manufacturing company. He has an interdisciplinary experience of more than eight years in the manufacturing industry with hands-on exposure on investment casting, welding, CNC machining and all seven additive manufacturing techniques. He started his career as a metallurgical engineer inspecting welds on cross-country natural gas pipelines in the middle eastern region of the United Arab Emirates. He firmly believes that additive manufacturing is moving towards becoming a necessity instead of nicety!

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Brenna McCornac

2019 Master of Engineering in AMD

Brenna McCornac is a senior additive manufacturing applications engineer at Cumberland Additive. She graduated from Penn State with a master of engineering in additive manufacturing and design in 2019 and uses her skills to qualify metal additive manufacturing parts for production programs in aerospace, defense, and industrial applications. She works with powder bed fusion additive manufacturing on a daily basis and prints for fun using her three home fused deposition modeling printers.

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Stephen Prichard

2020 Master of Engineering in AMD

Stephen Prichard has led the Additive Manufacturing Team at Owens Corning for the past three years. He previously worked at GE Transportation, where he championed the adoption of this emerging technology. He is a proud alumnus of Penn State, who earned a bachelor of science in aerospace engineering in 2013, a master of professional studies in supply chain management in 2017, and a master of engineering in additive manufacturing and design in 2020, and shamelessly wears blue and white in the “enemy territory” of Columbus, Ohio, where he currently resides with his family. He feels fortunate that early in his career he had the opportunity to be involved at the ground floor of this exciting new technology and looks forward to participating in the journey as additive manufacturing continues to grow and mature in the years to come.

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Alan Suarez

2020 Master of Engineering in AMD

Alan Suarez is currently a process development engineer at Medtronic. He graduated from the AMD program in 2020. Prior to his current role, he worked at another medical device manufacturer, helping develop the process and implementing its first metal additive manufacturing line, which now produces components for multiple imaging devices. He now works on prosthetic heart valves and continues to pursue his additive manufacturing passion in a variety of ways. Alan has seen first-hand how additive manufacturing is changing the medical device manufacturing industry and is excited to be part of the revolution.



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