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Graduate Studies

The primary goal of the additive manufacturing and design graduate programs is to prepare you to apply foundational knowledge, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity, in your use of additive manufacturing and associated design tools and methods. You can grow as a leader in advanced manufacturing and help accelerate industry adoption of additive manufacturing, while striving to advance technology and develop innovative solutions.

The curriculum is designed to help you develop both technical engineering skills and professional skills, such as communication, ethics, and entrepreneurial thinking. The courses will help you acquire the analytical and practical skills to digitally design, develop, analyze, numerically model, optimize, fabricate, and inspect new components and subassemblies, using additive manufacturing technologies.

The below program overview describes the requirements for the various additive manufacturing and design graduate degree programs. 


Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Additive Manufacturing and Design

The M.Eng. is a non-thesis professional master’s degree offered online via Penn State World Campus. An intensive, 31-credit program, the M.Eng. requires a completion of an independent project producing a scholarly paper. This is an ideal program for working professionals who have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related technical field, relevant work experience, and some experience with proficiency 3D-printing software and hardware, and are looking for career development opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skill sets in additive manufacturing and design.

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Additive Manufacturing and Design

The M.S. is a master’s degree offered in-resident at University Park campus, with a significant research component, which can be completed on a thesis track or a non-thesis track. It requires a minimum of 30 credits and is designed to be completed in one to two years. This is an ideal program for an engineer with a bachelor’s degree who wishes to explore research in a specific area of interest. The M.S. may be a terminal degree for students who intend to pursue a research-related career, or it may be a steppingstone to a doctoral degree.

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Graduate Certificate in Additive Manufacturing and Design

The graduate certificate in additive manufacturing and design is ideal for established engineers to add foundational knowledge of additive manufacturing and improve the critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills needed by additive manufacturing engineers.

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Graduate Minor in Additive Manufacturing and Design

Earning a graduate minor in additive manufacturing and design enables you to improve your professional expertise and gain specialized knowledge.

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Penn State’s master of science, master of engineering, and graduate certificate in additive manufacturing and design programs offer students and working engineers a unique opportunity to become technically outstanding experts in additive manufacturing in residence at University Park or online via Penn State World Campus.

Additive Manufacturing and Design Graduate Programs

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