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Graduate Certificate in Additive Manufacturing and Design

Certificate Requirements

Available to both World Campus and University Park students, you can earn the graduate certificate in additive manufacturing and design (AMD) by successfully completing three of the four core non-laboratory courses in AMD. The twelve-credit curriculum will give you access to the knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively across additive manufacturing domains.

Currently enrolled AMD degree students or graduate students enrolled in a related discipline are welcome to earn the graduate certificate in AMD. An application is required to add the graduate certificate to a current graduate degree plan of study. If you are an active World Campus or University Park graduate student in good academic standing, please submit your application by the semester deadline for admission consideration.

Course List

Complete three of the four non-laboratory courses in AMD.

AMD/EDSGN 562 Design for Additive Manufacturing (4 credits)
AMD/ESC 545 Scientific Principles of Additive Manufacturing (4 credits)
AMD/IE 527 Additive Manufacturing Processes (4 credits)
AMD/MATSE 567 Materials of Additive Manufacturing (4 credits)

All the credits you earn by completing your graduate certificate in AMD may be applied toward a master of engineering in AMD, should you apply and gain acceptance into the program.

Application Deadlines

Your degree application, including receipt of all official transcripts and supporting materials, should be received by the following deadlines to be considered complete.

  • Fall deadline: Apply by June 1
  • Spring deadline: Apply by September 1



Penn State’s master of science, master of engineering, and graduate certificate in additive manufacturing and design programs offer students and working engineers a unique opportunity to become technically outstanding experts in additive manufacturing in residence at University Park or online via Penn State World Campus.

Additive Manufacturing and Design Graduate Programs

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